“Sensity” Flat House – Kraków


The “Sensity” project is a comprehensive presentation of both rich residential interior and harmonious surroundings of the development. Thanks to the carefully mapped urban infrastructure with its park areas, clients are able to provide a detailed view of the development and locate it on the map through the bird’s eye view. Future residents will be able to experience life by the Wielicka Street by observing traffic and public transport. One of the project’s distinctive features is the possibility to stand on the viewing terrace located in one of the flats, where you can freely walk around and enjoy a pleasant panorama of the city.

The “Sensity” project was first presented to the public at the real estate fair held in Kraków in 2016 and immediately became one of the highlights of the event. Many people queued up to take a stroll through the flats that did not yet exist. The developer was also awarded by the fair organisers for its innovative approach and best booth.