Feel the breeze and dive with us into the ocean of possibilities. TruGaming is about taking advantage of VR in all possible means, where limits stay only in your imagination. Let your clients reach the crest of the wave and stay entertained long after with a real thrill to memorize.





TruSimulation gives you a chance to create your world. Advanced VR technology is on your command. Ready to train, educate, test or try any team independently of place and time. Medical simulations reducing risk of complicated surgery. Fully controlled military operations. Health and safety at work training. All of these carried out cautiously with stimulating excitements and vivid experiences.





Due to unlimited creation possibilities we can design sales tools that turn your eyes on future. We can show what yet doesn’t exist or is impossible to present on paper. Entering virtual reality allows you to present to clients all your products anywhere and in the way you want it. Imagine advertising, marketing apps, entertainment or product campaign. Imagine the outstanding. Imagine your clients delight.

Discover the exciting world of true senses.

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