The „Point of Beauty” is a project of a modern housing estate estimated to offer about 600 apartments. Our VR solution presents all three stages of the investment along with the surrounding urban infrastructure. Future tenants can experience themselves the view from the windows of their apartment due to the precise reconstruction of the area adjacent to the investment.

The “Point of Beauty” project presents true value of the VR reconstruction idea where the investment itself is only a part immersed in the surroundings that appear also significant for customers. Additionally Profit Development decided to entrust us the creation of VR adaptation of their investment on account of our excellent quality of final display which they now use successfully every day to convince and attract customers. We are very grateful for this trust. We always attach importance to the smallest details believing they firmly compose a holistic effect. Therefore we care about plants waving in the wind, admire the game of shadows and lights and its reflections. We create dynamic virtual reality that lives and outstrips any project made by architectural offices.

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