Crime scene” is a virtual highly-advanced simulator which allows students to test their criminological knowledge and skills in the field. For the first time students of law had the possibility to impersonate investigating officer. With VR goggles on students are placed in the middle of the crime scene. Their task is to secure the evidence, research the traces and the deceased and answer what had happened. Afterwards the lecturer analyses students behavior and points mistakes made by the student (e.g. wrong order of actions or ignoring traces). Due to special gamepads students can interact with the surrounding objects. Minutes will be enough to forget where one really is and the game will turn even more and more absorbing.
This project is being constantly developed with a collaboration extending to another universities. “Crime scene” succeeded in attracting much attention on the media and within the educational sector. It is the first such project in Poland as well as the innovation on the European scale. “Crime scene” successfully combines learning and having fun while giving educational institutions a cutting edge.

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